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18,20 €

3500-4000 rating team EU

Account sharing
Price is for boosting 100 PTS, not for 500 PTS.
Completion time: 100 - 300 MMR in 24 hours.
Requirements for account: Ability to play in ranked games - account level 13+.
The service includes:
  • + 100 (96-100) personal MMR added to your current value. Example: You MMR is 2000 and after boosting it will be 2100 and so on
  • If you need any non-standart valu: 150, 200, 250 mmr please contact our operator.
  • You can order any value. Please contact our operator.
Conditions for boosting MMR:
  • Completion time is 100-300 mmr in 24 hours.
  • Your rating has to be in the range from 0 - 2500 points.
  • You have to DISABE steamguard to allow us use your account.
  • Another option to get in to account is to give us code from your email. We can ask for this code at any time of the day and night, so you have to be able to come to our chat within 5 minutes.
  • You are not allowed to play while we work. It will extend completion time and if you would play one rating game it might fail the whole order.
  • Common security guarantees
  • Please enable "Family sharing" option in steam settings. 
  • How to Install option in Steam see here.
  • Our player will not be able to use  trade, sell items, or change email and password.
How to buy?
  • Option 1: Contact our operator in the lower right corner and tell your desired rating.
  • Option 2: Choose the desired MMR and order it through the basket.
  • Any significant information you can put in comments section.
Contact our operators at the bottom right if you have any questions.



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