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499,00 €

Access to RAID format 20

If you have no time and don't have enough nerves for self-access RAID on 20 people, then you can give this task to perform specialists! Stop wasting time wasted on pointless boring and tedious tasks, start playing at a high level and enjoy the game!

This service we perform only a fraction Dominion EU

The service includes:
Step 1. The murder of a mini-boss in locations Wilderun
Step 2. Getting ensalada ( beloved) with the faction dominion\Aksel ( 32K reputation)
Step 3. Run job-mystery in the capital
Step 4. Earn a silver medal in the 4 the adventure
Step 5. Run job-event at the location of the Farside
Step 6. Earn a silver medal in the 4 the love
Step 7. To kill a mini-boss in locations Malgrave
Step 8. Run job-event in the location Auroria
Step 9. Kill 12 world bosses
Step 10. To kill an optional boss in dange Kel Voreth

A necessary condition for You is obtaining go level and buying over 150 elder of the gems buy in the capital key, beginner quest chain . Elder Gemma - personal-game currency, to get you for any actions that bring experience, 50m level. 150 gems= weekly cap+10 gems of next week, zeroing Capa happens on Tuesday.

Term of performance of this service from 5 to 10 days.

It is also possible reduction of the price for this service if you are 29 000 turnip and more.