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Blackrock Foundry 10/10 Mythic

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Deadline: 1 cd ( 1 week )
Requirements character: level 100 and 630+ item level.

Service includes :

  • The murder of 10 bosses in the Blackrock Foundry Mythic difficulty with personal LooT;
  • Perhaps killing a specific boss - details operators.

You can also choose the option of personal presence, master loot or killing a specific boss.

Description of options:

The stream (live) - You will be able to observe the passage of the RAID, which would be Your character. We will provide a link and settle all the details.

Master loot - different from the standard personal loot the fact that Your character will get all the things that fell on the class and spec in the RAID. Things themselves are in General more, the whole production distributes the leader of the RAID. Especially good for those who want to dress your character quickly.

Selfplay - speaks for itself, can join in on the RAID personally. The cost is higher due to the increasing risks to RAID.

Killing a one boss - killing a specific boss and loot with him. The boss is specified when ordering. The details of the operators.

Only Blackhand - killing only Blackhand with personal loot or master loot. 

Ironhoof Destroyer Boost (Mount) - you will get rare giant mount Ironhoof Destroyer.

This casting was home to the ancestors of the orcs of the Black mountain clan. Here blacksmiths melted and worked incredibly hard ore, after whom the clan takes its name. Now caught and conquered Gromoboi giants support the flame in huge furnaces, the tamers of fire Burning Blade awaken in the ore internal heat, and engineers develop mysterious drawings, in which slag is clothed in one form or another. In the casting of the leader of chernoruche forged weapons for the destruction of Azeroth. Here is concentrated the whole military power of the Iron Horde.
Players fight with seven bosses, as usual, by increasing complexity

Contact the operator for details and answers to all Your questions.

Live stream!

You are able to watch your service live! Grab popcorn and have a sit!


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