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Delphic stars

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Duration: 50 stars in the day, when ordering a large number of stars the amount increases.
  • Character level 50.
  • 1000 labor points
  • Harpoon boat or trimaran.
Currently we provide services to Lucius, Kiproza, Melisara, Aranzebiya, Ollo.
Delphic Star is one of the major currencies in the world of Archeage. But, as with all sorts of valuable things, there is a problem - it is difficult to get.
These stars can be used in anything, from building your own ship to equiping your horse. site offers you assistance in obtaining Delphic stars. We are well versed in the game, and we know all the places where grinding is most effective. You just have to figure out what and in what order to buy for your favorite character. We get stars from daily quests, battle in PVP mode, hikes in dungeons and many other ways.
Goods for Delphic stars you can see in our store.
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