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Diablo 3 III Collector Edition CD-key

Key Cd-key from the Collector version of Diablo 3 (delivered digitally via email, after communication with the operator)

Gives a Great achievement in the game World of Warcraft: Collector's edition: fetish shaman !!!

We present to your attention the official collector's edition of the continuation of the legendary game DIABLO 3 from Blizzard. Designed to activate in Battle.net


For the enter key from the collector's edition version of Diablo 3 will give You:

-Unusual artifacts for your character in Diablo 3 (angel wings, a unique battle standard and special paint for armor).
-Companion for your character in World of Warcraft (toy shaman). Given the Great achievement of the Collector's edition: fetish shaman !
Three exclusive avatars for Battle.Net (StarCraft)

• Log in to your account ( https://battle.net/account/ ) (enter login and password).
• Enter key ( https://battle.net/account/management/add-game.html )
• After you activate the key, you will be able to download the game.

Players who purchase this version can also be downloaded free of charge Russian client.
After payment, you must contact the Online chat on our website and indicate the order number.
The execution of the order within 1-3 days