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Garrison buildings

Account sharing
Term boosting: ~2 days
Requirements: character level 100
By ordering this service you will receive:
  • Menagerie 3 lvl
  • Garrison Level 3
  • Gladiator's sanctum 3 level
  • Mage Tower / Spirit Lodge (3 level)
The third level of the garrison allows you to build the following buildings:
2 large houses, 2 medium building, 3 small buildings, fishing tent, mine, farm, zoo.
The construction of the garrison has become a necessity in the harsh realities Warlords of Draenor.
Your personal fortress not only protects you from the raids and other attacks against hordes of iron, but also opens up your character a lot of opportunities from the daily tasks prior to the acquisition of true allies.
In case of lack of time or zhelaenie develop their garrison, you can always turn to professionals We are ready to perform daily tasks for you, or any other job that you are not interested.
Also present are other services that you may be interested in the garrisons of Draenor:
Farm Apexis Crystals - so necessary currency to buy many interesting game items.
Sanctuary gladitora 3 levels - mandatory building for fans of PVP.
Garrison resources - or everything for your personal fortress!
Contact us and we will answer all your questions on the garrison and implement suggestions.

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