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Ironhoof Destroyer

Time of completion: 1 day


You will get mount Ironhoof Destroyer



How to get ironhoof destroyer?


Ironhoof destroyer is a giant, powerfull armored clefthoof.

You can get this mount by only slaying Blackhand at the highest mythical difficulty ( 20 ppl ). Ironhoof destroyer has 100% drop rate. (<6.2)

There is 3 phases of boss fight:

  1. Raid fights boss untill he reaches 70% of his health.

  2. Battle continues in the warehouse where each 50 seconds boss summons siege tank, which deals damage to a random player. You have to fight boss at this phase untill 30% of his hp.

  3. Rest of the fight is held at a fire platform, damage from which cant be avoided. Furthermore Blackhand’s abilities are empowered and gain new effects.


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