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HoTS rank boosting

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Rank boosting conditions:

  • Do not log in during the job and do not play ranked games.
  • Negotiable terms of boosting
  • Placement matches completed


Why us:

  • More than 8 years we provide ingame services 
  • We work with best players. 
  • We assume orders immediately.
  • Thousands of good reviews.
  • Quick response from operator in online chat.


How to buy:

  • For starters take a look what your current league.
  • Let's say you have it Silver V, you want Silver I.
  • Click on the option "Silver V> Silver IV + Silver IV> Silver III + Silver III> Silver II + Silver II> Silver I".
  • You immediately displays the cost of boosting.
  • If you can not understand, contact the operator in the lower right corner of the site.


Ranked play:

  • Before ordering boost you need to pass 10 placement matches so that the system can determine your starting league.
  • At the end of the season, a reward is awarded depending on your league - "Unique Portrait and Mount"


2017 Season 1 Rewards:

  • Bronze  500 GoldBronze Hero League Portrait
  • Silver 750 Gold Silver Hero League Portrait
  • Gold 1000 Gold Gold Hero League Portrait
  • Platinum 1250 Gold 2017 Season 1 Mount  Platinum Hero League Portrait
  • Diamond 1500 Gold 2017 Season 1 Mount  Diamond Hero League Portrait
  • Master  1750 Gold 2017 Season 1 Mount * Epic 2017 Season 1 Mount * Master Hero League Portrait
  • Grand Master  2000 Gold 2017 Season 1 Mount * Epic 2017 Season 1 Mount * Grand Master Hero League Portrait



Please contact us if you have any other questions - the bottom right corner.


Do not wait! We process orders at the speed of light and complete them even faster!


The most safe service at the market. We are time-verified official company with thousands of customer reviews!


Only top players! The best of the best! We work only with the most reliable professionals at the market!

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