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Deadline: to be Negotiated.
Requirements for account: level 100.


How to buy?

  • Select a reputation and check against it, you can select multiple reputations.
  • Click "add To cart".
  • In the basket specify the username and password, as well as other important details.
  • Then you can place your order and to contact the operator if you have any questions.

The service includes boosting chosen your reputation to Exalted:

If you order multiple reputations this will increase the lead time, but we always try to order ahead of time if possible.

Contact our operator in the lower right corner for all the details or special conditions.


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WoW factions’ reputation

Reputation is acceptance of factions and cities which you discover in World of Warcraft to your character. Reputation determines whether some characters are friendly or hostile to you. Besides, acceptance represented in reputation allows you to get rewards and new quests. There are 8 reputation levels in WoW and each of them must be deserved: from exalted to hated. Ways to achieve reputation:

  • Completing quests;
  • Killing mobs;
  • Completing dungeons;
  • Getting letters of introduction.

Or you can get a reputation level in faster and simpler way – just order it on with reasonable price and guarantee.