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Treasures Horadrim

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The requirement for the character - 70th level (you can also order leveling, if your character has not reached the required level)
Term of execution depends.
Horadrim treasure - an innovation by Blizzard, which appeared in the expansion Reaper of Souls. The new adventure mode, where you have a chance to get unique things by doing the so-called "order" (a set of random assignments).
You will receive: Package of legendary materials (100 pieces each):
   Khanduran Rune
   Westmarch Holy Water
   Corrupted Angel Flesh
   Caldeum Nightshade
   Arreat War Tapestry
(you can order any amount by contacting operator)
You also get experience, items and gold during the execution of the order.
You just have to choose the level of complexity and mode for your order:
  • Softcore
  • Softcore season
  • Hardcore
  • Hardcore season
Contact our operator at the bottom right of the page, if you have any questions.


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