Coaching Destiny 2
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Coaching Destiny 2

This includes:

🕓  Coaching is conducted at any time convenient for you (you can specify when placing an order)

 Please find below the coaching in Destiny 2 game by our pro-players.
 Coaching takes a place in the format of answers to the questions you are interested in and includes testing the theory with the coach.


💡An approximate list of questions (you can consult by your own):

  • Basic game mechanics.
  • PvP Basics
  • Help with PvE content passing
  • build/equipment selection 
  • And many other game moments.


🔒 Requirements:

  • PC/PS4 version
  • access to skype, discord or any other voice soft.


💬  With every question or information about this service you will have you can get help from our operator.

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