Criminal glory!


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Criminal glory!

This includes:

Term: 3-4 days
The requirement for the service:

  • Character level 50.
  • 1000 labor points.

The service includes:

Boosting  criminal glory from 0 to 3000.

Opportunity to become a pirate, or choose the hard life of a pirate - one of the distinctive features of the game Archeage. Sea surf, rob merchant ships and caravans, fight for prey with other pirates in the vast seas - all these possibilities are open to you if you decide to become a filibuster. It is the best opportunity for pvp oriented players.

But keep in mind that the character who has become a pirate says goodbye to the life of an ordinary player. He must leave his guild and has no right to be anywhere except the pirate brotherhoods (guilds). In addition, the character loses the ability to move safely across continents, except the island of freedom. You can attack any character at your own risk, of course. But all these disadvantages outweigh the interest of pirate life, thrills and a whole bunch of adrenaline!

If you decide to become a pirate, we will help you with this! You do not have to spend time to boost the necessary reputation. Will only enjoy the free life, fight and plunder! Piastres ....

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