Exp farming

1.25€ will be credited to your account

You will receive 5% of the order amount to the account balance. Account balance can be used to pay for services on the site in full. You can see your balance in your personal account info (on the top right). Cashback, account balance and operations with it become available after registration on the site.

Exp farming

This includes:

🕓 Term: 50.000 exp per day.


📋 Service includes:

  • Garanteed winrate  - 55% 


 💡 How to buy?

  • Choose needed amount of experience.
  • You also can have screenshots and replays if you want.
  • Press "Add to cart".
  • Choose tank(s) for our games, and other details.
  • Make your order, contact operator for further information.


 💡 What is raising with this service?

  • Average damage: 2500 - 4000 
  • Winrate 55%+,  we win every 55 battle our of 100.
  • Averange WN8 2000+
  • 150 frags per 100 fights.


 💡 What do we need from your account:

  • 8+ level of tank (if you need farming at less level - contact operator)
  • Possibility to choose Compatible Equipment.
  • Possibility to change crew skills.
  • Premium account.


💬 Contact our operators if you have any questions

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