Increasing Ancient mana cap


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Increasing Ancient mana cap

This includes:

Term of completion - 1 week.
Requirement - level 110.

You receive:

  • You have only 300 ancient mana cap at the beginning, this is very inconvenient.
  • We can increase your cap up to 2000. This will be done with finding hidden items and doing many Suramar quests.

Ancient mana is a new Legion resource, needed for opening Suramar portals, Broken Isles buffs, doing Suramar quests, and Nightfallen dailies.

Starting Ancient mana cap is 300, you can increase it with certain actions.

How do you use ancient mana:

  • Withered Army training (400-2000 mana)
  • Suramar leyline feeds activation for "Leyling Bling" achievement (1600 mana)
  • All Suramar teleporters activation for "Now You're Thinking With Portals" achievement (500 mana).
  • Feeding NPC (otherwise they won't talk to you) – 50 mana every day for 1 of 3 npcs. You'll gain reputation for that.
  • Items and buffs.

What can you buy for ancient mana:

  • The "Devilsaur" Lunchbox - toy (1000 mana).
  • Souvenir Raptor (100 mana).
  • Souvenir Elekk (100 mana).
  • Souvenir Murloc (100 mana).

Ask operator if you have any questions.

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