Coaching Arena and RBG

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Coaching Arena and RBG

This includes:

You pay for one hour of arena and RBG coaching.

Why us:

  • More than 8 years we provide services in WoW.
  • We work with the best Gladiators.
  • Our drivers always use proxy servers.
  • Thousands of good reviews.
  • Quick response from operator in online chat.

At time convenient to you (you can specify while ordering)

Requirements: Skype, ventrilo or any other communication options.

We offer you coaching at the Arena and RBG from the best players.
Our coaches are multi-Gladiators of previous seasons, great RBG leaders, and have extensive knowledge of all aspects of the modern PVP.
Training takes place in the form of answers to your questions and arena\rbg playing.
Consolidate knowledge will be in a combat situation - in the Arena or RBG, you play a few games under the guidance and supervision of our expert.

A sample list of questions (but not limited to it):


  • Basic skills of the class.
  • Rotation, priorities of characteristics necessary to increase your chances of winning.
  • Talents and glyphs depending on the enemy's class.
  • Behavior at the arena, macros, focus management and  necesary addons.
  • Positioning, cooldowns usage, fatigue usage.
  • As well as many other aspects.

For any questions you can always contact our operator in the lower right corner of the screen.

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