Legendary stone 1-60 level All modes

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Legendary stone 1-60 level All modes

This includes:

🕓 Execution: 1-2 days for 1-25 level and 2-4 days for 1-60 level.


💡 The service includes:

  • Leveling up your legendary stone from 1 to 25 level or from 1 to 60 level.


💡 You just have to choose the level of complexity and mode for your order:

  • Softcore
  • Softcore season
  • Hardcore
  • Hardcore season

During its stay in the depths of the Sanctuary, gems saturate a large number of magical energy from the environment.
They can improve the current characteristics of the characters and objects, as well as provide them with some special qualities, among them - good luck with money and increased expirience.

Legendary stones have their own, special, qualities that makes them special. Unique stone awakens envy of other adventurers, and we can help you get it.


🔒 Account rules and requirements:

  • Do not log in your account during the boost.


🔔 We recommend:

  • Do not log in your account before and after 24 hours when the work is done.
  • Do not log in your battle.net account, to avoid the intersections over ip and mac addresses.
  • Do not order something from different online-sites or drivers.


💬 Contact our operators for any details. You can ask them everything.

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