Mythic+ dungeons (PROMOTIONS)

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Mythic+ dungeons (PROMOTIONS)

This includes:

Time of completion: ~6 hours
Requirements: 110 level.

For key +10 and higher require 900+ ilvl! 

Why us:

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Service includes:

  • Completing one mythic+ dungeon with your key. You can order more than one dungeon in a row for a special price, ask operator for details and personal offer.
  • You obtain loot from every dungeon, and you'll have a special chest in your Order Hall in the end of the week.

Mythic+ Overview

  • Completing a Mythic+ dungeon rewards epic gear at a higher base ilvl than any other source besides raiding
  • Mythic+ dungeons have levels; a level 3 dungeon will be more difficult than a level 2, but less difficult than a level 5
  • Enemies in the dungeons deal more damage and have higher health pools with each level your party conquers
  • A higher-level Mythic+ dungeon rewards higher-ilvl loot
  • At certain levels, the dungeon gains an "affix" that changes the way enemies will act, adding additional complexity to the content
  • Each week, players will receive a guaranteed item of loot based upon their performance in the previous week's Mythic+ dungeon lockout

All of the 7.2 Legion dungeons have a Mythic+ mode, except for Assault on Violet Hold.

Beginning a Mythic+ Dungeon

In order to begin a Mythic+ dungeon, at least one player in the party must have a inv_relics_hourglass.gifMythic Keystone.

  • Set the dungeon difficulty to Mythic before entering the dungeon
  • A Font of Power object will be present, similar to the Challenge Mode dungeon object
  • The player with the Keystone must click on the Font of Power to open the Mythic+ UI
  • Drag the Keystone from your bags into the socket in the center of the UI window
  • Wait a few moments for the UI to update with the Keystone level and additional information about the dungeon
  • Click the red "Activate" button at the bottom of the window

This will force all players to reload their UI, place a ghostly green wall in front of the party, and begin a 10-second countdown timer. When this reaches 0, the wall is removed and the Mythic+ timer begins.

Options descriptions:

Selfplay -  speaks for itself, you can play by yourself. The price is higher because of higher risks for the raid.

If you have any questions please contact our operator.

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