Passage of catacombs


1.2€ will be credited to your account

Passage of catacombs

This includes:

🕓 Term of completion: negotiated.


💡 3 sets on your choice:


Match statistics doesn't work in tubro mode. So if you want to have a great stats, you can choose an option: "Without turbo mode".


🔒 Requirements:

  • Please enable "Family sharing" option in steam settings. You can watch how it should be done here
  • Account share
  • Do not enter into the account during the boost


👨‍✈️ Safety:

  • Common security guarantees
  • Please enable "Family sharing" option in steam settings. 
  • How to Install option in Steam see here.
  • Our player will not be able to use  trade, sell items, or change email and password.


💬 Ask operator if you have any questions.

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