The Dreaming City Seal (GRANTS TITLE: Cursebreaker)

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The Dreaming City Seal (GRANTS TITLE: Cursebreaker)

This includes:
  • Getting TITLE: Cursebreaker.
  • Passing all needed triumphs.Выполнение всех необходимых триумфов и условий.
  • Passing any needed strike, raids, Crucible and Gambit patches, advetures, activities etc.
  • All loot, engrams, currency, experience, and items that will drop during the boost.
  • Glory, Infamy ranks and other repuitation, that will be obtainted due to some activities of the needed seal.


🕓 ETA: negotiated

If you already have some passed steps (triumphs) of the seal — right down to us in bottom right corner!

We will make a SPECIAL price if you already have some progress.


🏅Seals and Triumphs list

The Dreaming City (GRANTS TITLE: Cursebreaker)

  • Mission-Minded
  • The Hive Champion
  • The Scorn Champion
  • The Taken Champion
  • Into the Unknown
  • Seriously, Never Again
  • Suit Up
  • Gimme that Bow
  • O Grave Robber Mine
  • Corrupted Omelette


🔒 Requirements:

  • Accsharing. Guarantees.
  • 50 character level (you may order it here).
  • 730 light


💬 Ask operator if you have any questions.

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