Top damage fights

1.35€ will be credited to your account

Top damage fights

This includes:

Term: 40 figts per day. Winrate 55% and higher.  Average damage 3800+


Why us:

  • Since 2010 we provide WoT services.
  • Thousands of good reviews.
  • Quick response from operator in online chat.


Recomended tanks, if you don't have tanks from this list please contact operator for consultation. 
Object 140, T69A, Object 907, T-22 medium, Object 260, Bat.-Chat 25t, M48 Patton, M60, Leopard, E50 M., T110E5, FV215b, AMX 50B.


How to buy?

  • Choose needed amount of fights.
  • You also can have screenshots and replays if you want.
  • Press "Add to cart".
  • Choose tank(s) for our games, and other details.
  • Make your order, contact operator for further information.


What is raising with this service?

  • Average experience: 1000 - 1500 
  • Average damage: 3800 - 5000 
  • Winrate 55%+,  we win every 55 battle our of 100.
  • Averange WN8 3000+


What do we need from your account:

  • Top modules.
  • Possibility to choose Compatible Equipment.
  • Possibility to change crew skills.
  • 500000 silver for every 20 fights (for 10 level tanks)
  • Premium account.
  • 100% — «primary skill»
  • 100% — «first skill»


Contact our operators if you have any questions.

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