Vicious Saddle


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Vicious Saddle

This includes:

Completion time: 2 - 3 days
Requirements: 110 level.

Why us:

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You get Vicious Saddle.
The saddle can be exchanged for the following mounts:
Vicious War Scorpion
Vicious War Lion
Vicious War Bear
Vicious War Turtle

Anyone can get the saddle, fulfill the following requirements:

- Win 100 battles in the arena.

It can be boring and difficult for you, especially if you are pve player, to get  100 arena wins. It is also realy hard to find team or a whole raid for you. We will help you to manage your valuable time.

Service will help you with this horny handsome! 

Our team will help you with rating in Arena / RBG you choose. We do not have responsibility for any decisions by game developers extrinsically to user agreement.

If you have any questions - contact the operator.

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