World-Defiler's Plate Cosmetic Set


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World-Defiler's Plate Cosmetic Set

This includes:

Term of completion:  negotiable.

Character requirements: level 110.


Why us:

  • More than 8 years we provide services in WoW.
  • We work with top guilds.
  • Raids every day for both fraction.
  • Thousands of good reviews.
  • Quick response from operator in online chat.


World-Defiler's Plate includes:
-Full World-Defiler's set. 

We will farm rare-bosses kills, treasures, everything that is needed untill you will get full costemetic set on your character.
NOTE: This set get be weared only by a characters, that can wear plate. 
There is one more cloth set Zealous Felslinger Cloth similar to this one.



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