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Hellfire Citadel boost


Hellfire Citadel is the third raid in Warlords of Draenor and is available in 4 different modes:

1.     Looking for raid (25 players)

2.     Normal (10-30 players)

3.     Heroic (10-30 players)

4.     Mythic (20 players)


While completing the raid, level of the items players get becomes higher.


There are 13 bosses in Citadel and the dungeon itself has non-linear structure, that’s why the bosses aren’t put straight:

-         Hellfire Assault, Hellfire High Council, Kormrok and Iron Reaver loot item level is 690 (Normal mode), 705 (Heroic mode) and 720 (Mythic mode).

-         Kilrogg Deadeye, Gorefiend, Socrethar the Eternal and Shadow-Lord Iskar loot item level is 695 (Normal mode), 710 (Heroic mode) and 725 (Mythic mode).

-         Xhul'horac, Fel Lord Zakuun, Mannoroth and Tyrant Velhari loot item level is 700 (Normal mode), 715 (Heroic mode) and 730 (Mythic mode).

-         Archimonde loot item level is 705 (Normal mode), 720 (Heroic mode) and 735 (Mythic mode). Also can get the unique mount from this boss - Felsteel Annihilator.


In LFR mode half of the bosses’ loot item level is 675 and the other half – 685.

Different raid modes work separately. To get in LFR queue your average item level must be 650.

The entrance to the dungeon is located in the middle of Tanaan Jungle. You need to build harbor in Garrison to get to this location.

The nearest fly points: Vol'mar or Lion's Watch, which become available the sequence of quests for harbor.


Hellfire Citadel Bosses.


Hellfire Assault – The first boss on HFC. The fight occurs in Iron Bulwark . Players must defeat the army of defenders and then use Hellfire Cannon to blow Reinforced Hellfire Door.

Iron Reaver – the second boss. He lives in Iron Bulwark, and faces players who could open Reinforced Hellfire Door.

Kormrok – the third and the last boss in this mode. He is found in the Pits of Mannoroth. He can be accessed any time after players defeat the first two bosses.

Hellfire High Council – the first really strong enemy in Halls of Blood. The Council consists of Gurtogg Bloodboil, Dia Darkwhisper, and Blademaster Jubei'thos and can be accessed after after players have defeated the first two bosses.

Gorefiend is the last boss in Halls of Blood. Gorefiend can be found in the Maw of Souls, at the west end of the Hellfire Antechamber.

Kilrogg Deadeye. To defeat him players need to be able to control adds and position themselves.

Shadow-Lord Iskar. Has a unique ability allowing several members of the raid control the battle. Besides, players need to learn positioning and rotating.

Fel Lord Zakuun. The fight with him consists of only one phase. Players need to know the positioning and also know how to handle the unique mechanics.

Xhul'horac. The battle consists of 4 phases and requires fast rotating and exiting the dangerous zones skills.

Socrethar the Eternal. While fighting him players are able to use a unique unit, which requires, however, knowledge how to use it.

Tyrant Velhari. Battle with her is test how players can handle few strong adds. All the other mechanics in this battle are pretty simple.

Mannoroth is one of the strongest bosses. First players need to kill Varo'then as soon as possible. Fighting him is usually pretty simple. Then players need to fight the boss himself.

Archimonde – the final boss in HFC. He is much different than the other bosses.


REWARDS of Hellfire Citadel.

In mythic mode players can get Felsteel Annihilator after slaying Archimonde. They can also get Ahead of the Curve: The Black Gate achievement and some other achievements. Besides, players can loot Corrupted Nest Guardian after slaying Shadow-Lord Iskar on any difficulty. This item teaches you how to summon battle pet.

Every boss in Hellfire Citadel provides a rare achievement, which is necessary to get Glory of the Hellfire Raider. After achieving Glory of the Hellfire Raider players can get Infernal Direwolf.


If you have some issues completing Hellfire Citadel you can always leave a request on and we will glad to help you!