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Dving.net is your trusted partner in League of Legens. We are account boosting, ingame goods farming and riot points supplier!


We offer you beatufull characters, powerleveling boosters and influence points. Riot points will allow you to get all of this! If you have RP you can:

  • buy boosters which allow you to increase influence points gain.
  • buy skins and models for your favorite characters.
  • buy unique items, for example champions and portraits, bundles and much more.


You can earn riot points like influence points.You can purchase it at dving.net for a fair prices. It is very simple to buy it here:

  1. Choose Riot points catalog
  2. Add your purchase to “the cart”
  3. Feel in all required fields while booking your order. Do not forget to write your login and password.


Once your oprder is processed you will be contacted by our operator.


Advantages of purchasing riot points at dving.net.

  1. We work at any time from 9 am to 3 am.
  2. We treat each customer individually and offer discounts.
  3. Any amount of currency in stock and fair prices.
  4. Everything is done within 15 minutes.
  5. Confidential service. You data is protected by ssl security protocol and is never disclosed to third party.
  6. Legal background. You are protected by the law of Russian Federation. Any order placed on website is a completely legal trading contract.