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Account powerleveling

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With upcoming of the patch 2.0 the  HoTs power leveling system has changed.

Now the player level depends on the amount of all heroes level player has. Every time when your hero will get a level your account level will be increased as well. For each level you will get a reward — chest.

The amount of experience that is needed for leveling has changed too. In the early stages of getting the levels, it became necessary to require slightly more experience, and at later stages - less about 75-80%.

The amount of experience, suitable for  HERO leveling:
1st level: 0 XP
2nd level: 100,000 XP
3rd level: 250,000 XP
4th level: 400,000 XP
5th level: 500,000 XP
6th level: 600,000 XP
7th level: 700,000 XP
8th level: 800,000 XP
9th level: 900,000 XP
10th level: 1,000,000 XP
11th level: 1,100,000 XP
Level 12: 1,200,000 XP
Subsequent levels: 1,200,000 XP

You can order any amount of experience for leveling your account with using the calculator.

Contact our operators for any details.

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