Any profession quest line

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Any profession quest line

This includes:

We'll do all quests for your chosen profession.
You can add your profession in order comments.

Term of completion - 1 day.
Requirements - level 110.
Having a profession (700+ skill).


  • It's very desirable to have a gathering profession as a pair for a crafting one.
  • Service includes doing all quest lines, which give you most of recipes for your profession.
  • You will probably need to increase your item level before we finish all quests, otherwise we can't finish some last quests in heroic/mythic dungeons and raids.

Legion Profession Updates:

  • Legion Recipes have three ranks. Recipe ranks make you more efficient at making what you already know how to make.
  • For gathering professions, there are different ranks of gathering perks.
  • Updated Profession UI.
  • Swapping professions is much easier now. Simply pay 1000 gold and you can get a book that will let you relearn your previous Legion recipes from quests.

Ask operator if you have any questions.

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