Blood of Sargeras

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Blood of Sargeras

This includes:

Term of completion - 3+ per hour.
Requirements - level 110.

You will receive ordered amount of Blood of Sargeras.
Order as much as you can, you'll always find how to use it =)


  • Large amount discounts: 30 ps - 2%, 100 ps - 5%, 300 ps - 7%, 500 ps - 10%
  • Component for craft, needed for nearly every highlevel item.
  • We farm ~3 ps per our. You'll also obtain artifact power and 825+ gear.
  • Gathering profession is not required.
  • You can farm it by yourself, it's boring and tiring process. Don't waste your time!

What for do you need Blood of Sargeras:

  • 815 ilvl crafted gear
  • 805 artifacts relics (+31 ilvl)
  • Cloak enchants.
  • Gems with main stat +200.
  • Using Obliterum for your items upgrade.
  • Fun and useful items creation.

Ask operator if you have any questions.


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