Brawlers guild rank 1-8

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Brawlers guild rank 1-8

This includes:

Time: 5-7  hours.
Requirements: 110  character and 880+ ilvl

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You are paying for ranks 1 - 8.
You can choose an option to get ranks 1-5 and 5-8, if you wish to save your money.


 - Rank 4: Unique battle pet Clock'em
 - Rank 5: New epic follower Meatball
 - Rank 7: Guest pass to brawlers guild.
 - Rank 8: New heirloom fists.
 - Furthermore, slaying one of the bosses will award your with new title «Fighter».

Where is brawlers guild situated?

  • Alliance player can find Bizmo's Brawlpub in the area of underground train, just jump from the rails and turn left and at the right side you will see an entrance.
  • Horde players can find Brawl'gar Arena at the north part of the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar.

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