Game Walkthrough — 10 ACTS


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Game Walkthrough — 10 ACTS

This includes:

🕓 Term of competion - 1-2 days.

💡 You'll get:

  • approximate 65 level character with fully passed 10 acts.
  • If you want us to level your character with a traits of talents that you want just contact our operators.


Only manual powerleveling, no bots or scripts!
Another powerlevel range is possible, for example, 13 - 66, 32 - 65 and so on. Price will be different.


🔒 Account rules and requirements:

  • Do not log in your account during the boost.


🔔 We recommend:

  • Do not log in your account before and after 24 hours when the work is done.
  • Do not order something from different online-sites or drivers.


💬 Contact our operators for any details. You can ask them everything.


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