Materials for crafting

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Materials for crafting

This includes:

Help in gathering materials for crafting.
Execution period is 1-2 days for 1000 materials.

Why us:

  • More than 8 years we provide ingame services 
  • We have over 300 boosters.
  • We assume orders immediately.
  • Thousands of good reviews.
  • Quick response from operator in online chat.

S/SS - Softcore / Softcore Season

H/HS - Hardcore / Hardcore Season

The service includes:

Farming materials for crafting
The required amount of items you can always order by contacting the operator in the lower right corner.
1 yellow item gives you 1 crafting material after dissassembling.
1 blue item gives you 4 crafting materials after dissassembling

Contact our operator at the bottom right of the page, if you have any questions.

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