Destiny 2 archieve

Nightshade Season 5 reprised Pusle Rifle

🕓 Term of completion: 6 days

Loaded Question

🕓 ETA: 2-3 days. All Platforms.

Nightfall - Ordeal Destiny 2

🕓 Term of completion: 10 - 15 mins

Trust Hand Cannon (15K Gambit Points)

🕓 ETA: 7 days. All platforms.

Tatara Gaze Sniper Rifle

🕓 ETA: 1 day. All Platforms.

Bygones Pulse Rifle (12 Gambit Rank)

🕓 ETA: 2 - 3 days. All Platforms.

Hammerhead Machine Gun - Volundr Forge Unlock

🕓 ETA: 1 - 2 hours. All Platforms.

Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle

🕓 ETA: 2 - 5 hours. All Platforms.

Scatterhorn Armor Set

🕓 Term of completion: negotiable.

Reverie Dawn Armor Set

🕓 Term of completion: negotiable.

Ascendant Challenge

🕓 Term of completion: 1-3 hours.

Escalation Protocol 7 waves

🕓 Term of completion: 1-4 hours.

The Blind Well Tier III + Unstable Charge of Light

🕓 Term of completion: 1-4 hours.   💡 Service includes: * Blind Well Tier III completion * Chance of getting - Dark Fragments * Chance of getting - Forsaken Gear * Chance of getting - Charge

Kill Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge

🕓 Term of completion: 1 day.

Special service Destiny2

Season of Dawn Challenge + Obelisks unlock

All platforms. Any task you need.

New Year Activity

Happy New Year!

Symmetry Catalyst Boost

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All platforms.

The Sundial Activity

🕓 ETA: 20 mins / run. All platform. Any number of runs.

"Heir Apparent" - machine gun

🕓 ETA: 2 - 5 days.

The Fourth Horseman

🕓 ETA: 3 hours. All platforms.

Scourge of the Past Raid + Last Wish raid

🕓 ETA: 2-3 days. All Platforms.

% Off

Luna's Howl + Not Forgotten

🕓 ETA: 5-7 days. All Platforms.

Ace of Spades + The Chaperone

🕓 ETA: 1-3 days. All Platforms.

Malfeasance + IKELOS any type

🕓 ETA: negotiable.

Bunker Boost to desired level

Any desired bunker! Can do up to 11 level!

Majestic Solstice Armor Set

🕓 ETA: negotiated.

Falling Guillotine

ETA: 3 - 4 days All platforms

Deathbringer Rocket Launcher

🕓 ETA: 3 - 4 hours. All Platforms.

Ultimate PVP bundle

🕓 ETA: 24 - 28 hours. All platforms.

The Mountaintop

🕓 ETA: 24 - 48 hours. All Platforms.

One attempt at Tarrabah, Anarchy, Threat level, One Thousand Voices

🕓 ETA: 12 hours

Whisper of the Worm - Exotic Sniper Rifle + Ace of Spades + Outbreak Perfected

🕓 ETA: 24 hours. All Platforms.

Handcannon PACK

🕓 ETA: 24 - 48 hours. All platforms.

Nightmare Hunt - 1280+

Platforms: PC, PS4 All classes. Fast and Safe. Loot includes.


Traveler's choosen

* Getting new exotic pistol "Traveler's chosen" on your account * We can get catalyst and boost them to 100% also. Ask operator for a price. * All loot, engrams, currency, experience and items

Weapons from Armory

Choose Forge and Weapon - we will do it for you!

Chalice of opulence upgrade

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Menagerie farming

🕓 ETA: negotiated, All Platforms

Imperials farm

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

MMXX Seal - MMXX Title


Crown of Sorrow

🕓 ETA: 1 - 2 hours. All Platforms.

Spire of Stars Normal / Prestige

full run in Spire of Stars raid in normal mode for your character.

Leviathan Normal / Prestige

Leviathan raid in normal mode for your character. Optionally, you can choose the raid in Prestige mode.

Riven of a Thousand Voices

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid

Full passing of Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid on Normal difficulty.

Kalli, the Corrupted Kill

🕓 ETA: 1 hours. All platforms.

Scourge of the Past Raid

🕓 ETA: up to 24 hours All platforms.

God roll weapons

Ask a Operator for more information

D2 Catalyst + boost

Just ask operator =)

The Recluse Pinnacle Crucible Submachine Gun

🕓 ETA: from 24+ hours. All platforms

Wendigo GL3 Pinnacle Vanguard Grenade Launcher

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

% Off

Not Forgotten

🕓 ETA: 3 - 7 days. All Platforms.

Farm weapons from Menagerie

🕓 ETA: negotiable. All Platforms.

Redrix's Broadsword

🕓 ETA: 14 days. All Platforms.

Luna's Howl Revolver

🕓 ETA: 2 - 3 days. All Platforms.

Oxygen SR3 Precision Scout Rifle

🕓 ETA: 1 day. All Platforms.

IKELOS WEAPONS (Shotgun or Sniper Rifle or Submachine Gun)

🕓 ETA: 3 - 48 hours. All Platforms.

The Ringing Nail Auto Rifle

🕓 ETA : 1 - 2 hours. All Platforms.

Buzzard sidearm

🕓 ETA: 12 - 24 hours

Komodo-4FR - Linear Fusion Rifle

🕓 ETA: 24 hours. All platforms.

Shotgun "Python "

🕓 ETA: 24 hours. All platforms.

Exit Strategy Gambit Ritual Weapon

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All classes. All platforms. Fast and safe.

Edgewise Machine Gun Vanguard Ritual Weapon

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All platforms. All classes. Fast and safe.

Threat level

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

The Hush Pinnacle

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms

Ruinous Effigy

🕓ETA: 2 - 3 hours

Outbreak Perfected

🕓 ETA: 2 hours. All Platforms

Izanagi's Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle

🕓 ETA: 1 - 7 days. All Platforms.


Whisper of the Worm - Exotic Sniper Rifle

🕓 ETA: 3-5 hours. All Platforms

Ace of Spades

🕓 ETA: 7 - 10 hours. All Platforms.

Sleeper Simulant

🕓 ETA: 1-2 days. All Platforms.

Jötunn Exotic Energy Fusion Rifle

🕓 ETA: 5 weeks. All Platforms.

The Last Word

🕓 ETA: 1 - 2 days. All Platforms.

Lord of Wolves

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Bad Juju

🕓ETA: negotiable. All Platforms

Devisl's Ruin sidearm exotic

"Press on! The Devils will rue the day they came to our doors!" —Lord Shaxx

Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Withehoard catalyst

ETA: negotiable


🕓 ETA: negotiated  All platforms.

Revoker Pinnacle Crucible Sniper Rifle

🕓 ETA: 2 - 3 days. All Platforms.


Cloud Strike - exotic sniper rifle

🕓 ETA:  3 - 5 hours

The Lament - exotic sword

🕓 ETA:  3 -4 hours

No Time to Explain

🕓 ETA:  negotiated

Duality Catalyst Boost up to 100%

🕓 ETA:  negotiated

Variks NPS option boost

🕓 ETA: negotiated

Stasis Power Unlock (Grenade, Aspekt etc.)

🕓 ETA: negotiated

Salvations Grip - Grenade Launcher

🕓 ETA: 4 hours


* Title: "Forerunner". * Passing all needed triumphs. * All loot, engrams, currency, experience and items that will drop druing the boost. * Only fairplay, no bugs or wintrade.   🕓 ETA

Beyond Light campaign

🕓 ETA: 3 - 4 hours

Almighty seal (GRANTS TITLE: Almighty)

* Title: "Allmighty". * Passing all needed triumphs:  7/7. * All loot, engrams, currency, experience and items that will drop druing the boost. * Only fairplay, no bugs or wintrade.   🕓 ETA

Flawless seal (GRANTS TITLE: Flawless)

* Getting TITLE: Flawless. * Passing all needed triumphs: 5 out of 5. * All loot, engrams, currency, experience and items that will drop druing the boost. * Only fairplay, no bugs or wintrade

Randy's Throwing Knife

🕓 ETA: 1 - 2 days. All platforms.

Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

🕓 ETA: 4 hours. All platforms. Any class. Fast and safe.

Divinity - Exotic Trace Rifle

🕓 ETA: 24 hours. All Platforms.

Garden of Salvation

All classes. Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One Fast and safe. Loot included.

Bad omens

🕓 ETA: 1-3 days. All platforms.

Gambit Prime sets - tier 3 (maximum)

We'll help you with any Gambit Prime tier 3 set

Gambit Seal (GRANTS TITLE: Dredgen)


Reckoner Seal (GRANTS TITLE: Reckoner)

TITLE: Reckoner

Tarrabah Exotic Submachine Gun

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

21% Delirium rapid-fire Machine gun

🕓 ETA: 6-7 days. All Platforms.

Anarchy Exotic Grenade Launcher

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.


🕓 ETA: 1 day. All Platforms.

Gambit and Gambit Prime services

Help with Drifter's activities.

Hourly boost Destiny 2

Driver will do every tasks that you will have! And also you can play with him together.


Nightfall 100 000 points - Grandmaster

Will do Nightfall 100 000 points

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