Seasons d2

Crown of Sorrow

🕓 ETA: 1 - 2 hours. All Platforms.

Chalice of opulence upgrade

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Menagerie farming

🕓 ETA: negotiated, All Platforms

Bad Juju

🕓ETA: negotiable. All Platforms


🕓 ETA: negotiated  All platforms.

Revoker Pinnacle Crucible Sniper Rifle

🕓 ETA: 2 - 3 days. All Platforms.

Wendigo GL3 Pinnacle Vanguard Grenade Launcher

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

The Hush Pinnacle

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms

Imperials farm

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Tarrabah Exotic Submachine Gun

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All Platforms.

21% Delirium rapid-fire Machine gun

🕓 ETA: 6-7 days. All Platforms.

Oxygen SR3 Precision Scout Rifle

🕓 ETA: 1 day. All Platforms.


Garden of Salvation

All classes. Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One Fast and safe. Loot included.

Nightmare Hunt

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One All classes. Mode: Adept, Hero, Legend. Fast and Safe. Loot includes.

Nightfall - Ordeal Destiny 2

🕓 Term of completion: 10 - 15 mins

Buzzard sidearm

🕓 ETA: 12 - 24 hours

Komodo-4FR - Linear Fusion Rifle

🕓 ETA: 24 hours. All platforms.

Devisl's Ruin sidearm exotic

"Press on! The Devils will rue the day they came to our doors!" —Lord Shaxx

Randy's Throwing Knife

🕓 ETA: 1 - 2 days. All platforms.

Exit Strategy Gambit Ritual Weapon

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All classes. All platforms. Fast and safe.

Edgewise Machine Gun Vanguard Ritual Weapon

🕓 ETA: negotiated. All platforms. All classes. Fast and safe.

Bunker Boost to desired level

Any desired bunker! Can do up to 11 level!


Trials of Osiris Armor set

* Full Trials of Osiris set for your character. * Includes multiple trials, until full set is received. Amount depends on current week circumstances. * It can be done with other characters - ask


Flawless seal (GRANTS TITLE: Flawless)

* Getting TITLE: Flawless. * Passing all needed triumphs: 5 out of 5. * All loot, engrams, currency, experience and items that will drop druing the boost. * Only fairplay, no bugs or wintrade


Trials of Osiris Flaweless

🕓 ETA: from 3 hours.

Almighty seal (GRANTS TITLE: Almighty)

* Title: "Allmighty". * Passing all needed triumphs:  7/7. * All loot, engrams, currency, experience and items that will drop druing the boost. * Only fairplay, no bugs or wintrade.   🕓 ETA

The Fourth Horseman

🕓 ETA: 3 hours. All platforms.

Warmind Khanjali - Artifact boost

🕓 ETA: 1 week. All platforms. Any number of runs.

Shotgun "Python "

🕓 ETA: 24 hours. All platforms.

Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

🕓 ETA: 4 hours. All platforms. Any class. Fast and safe.

Deathbringer Rocket Launcher

🕓 ETA: 3 - 4 hours. All Platforms.

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