Other Services

PVE coaching

We offer you PVE  coaching  from the best players.

Trial of Valor Mythic

Kill of 3 bosses in the Trial of Valor in mythic mode without loot. You can also choose options: selfplay, masterloot, or exact boss kill.

% Off

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Glory of the Legion Hero

Glory of the Legion Hero can be done only in mythic dungeons, which means it's harder than all other Glories of Hero. You will also obtain much artifact power, 840+ ilvl gear and Blood of Sargeras.

All treasures of LEGION

We will collect about 220 treasures in different zones, you will obtain more than 2000 artifact power and 10000 order resourses.


Castle Nathria 👉 all modes

Normal / Heroic / Mythic


Powerleveling 50-60 Shadowlands

🕓 ETA: ~ 12 hours


Powerleveling 1-50 Shadowlands

🕓 ETA: ~ 48-72 hours

Sire Denathrius 👉 all modes

Normal / Heroic / Mythic

Glory of the Nathria Raider

🕓 ETA: 4 hours.

Castle Nathria 👉 Full Gear

🕓 ETA: from 2 - 4 weeks.

Special service

Legion campaign in 7.2

Access to a unique class mount

Flying in Legion

Broken Isles Flying

World Quests

Doing 4 quests of faction, which has daily quests at the moment.

Artifact power farming Updated in 7.2

Upgrade your weapon!

Order hall campaign

Order hall campaign completion, which gives you an access to the third artifact relic, one of artifact skins, and one of hall set items.

Order resources

You will receive ordered amount of order resources.


Class Artifact Challenge

New artifact weapon appearance

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