All games u is ready to help you to get Blackrock foundry raid done. As a reward, you can get best gear, gold and a feat of strengths. BRF raid is a new option in warlords of draenor, which is a factory to forge weapons and iron horde doom machines, situated in the very depth of blackrock mountain. You can order normal, heroic or mythic difficulty of this loot-raid.


Also we offer you to purchase slaying single bosses in BRF.

  • Gruul - giant gronn with a scythe-hand
  • Oregorger - scalearmor monster.
  • Darmak - beastlord.
  • Orcs Gansgarom and Franzok - giant armored orcs.
  • Flamebender Kagraz - fire lord.
  • Operator Togar - chief engineer, orc.
  • Furnace - fire creatur.
  • Kromog - Giant-fisted gronn.
  • TheIron maidens - 3 orc-women.
  • Blackhand - Lord of Blackrock Foundry.


Aside from BRF lootraid you get following bonuses:

Character gets lots of achievement and a feat of strengths, Glory of the Draenor raider, Glory of the Draenor hero, weapons, trinkets, tier pieces, top gear - you may have all of this in the shortest terms!

You can get best gear from BRF bosses which will make you insanely strong in pve and pvp fights.

Among that you can get following items in BRF:

  • Ironhoof destroyer mount.
  • Essence of the iron Protector.
  • Essence of the iron Conqueror.
  • Essence of the iron Vanquisher.
  • Tanners terrible spine.
  • and much more.


All fights are done in heroic or mythic difficulty. For each boss killed you get achievement, which is required for Glory of the Draenor raider meta achievement. Only 100 level characters can access instance. You can get 670 and 685 ilvl items and lots of rare achievements. We also offer loot-raids where you can gear up you character in best items possible, play by yourself or kill Blackhand and acquire Ironhoof Destroyer mount.


Why is it good t owork with us?

You get following advantages, when you order BRF lootraids from us:

  • Selfplay is possible. No account sharing
  • Lots of loot: 7+ items per raid.
  • Fast services
  • Lots of ways of payment
  • Quality guarantee