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In case you want your character to become stronger or if you want to buy some goods in WoW you’ll need game currency. It can be bloody coins, gold, silver and also different points like honor points, valor points and etc. These are your basic capital which works during the entire game. You can complete quests, kill mobs or, for example, sell something on auction to get the currency.

There is no central mint in WoW which coinages so much. It is fair to assume that those are made with the help of magic in banks of Undercity, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Ironforge and other cities of Azeroth and maybe even Outland after The Dark Portal was open.

But that doesn’t make things worse – WoW coins are not the only way to get items, mounts or pets. There is other currency, which allows you to buy or sell items, like honor points, valor points, justice points and conqueror points. These are also can be exchanged for equipment, but coins are the main currency.

What can players do with coins in WoW

Buy mounts which is very important. It makes moving way more comfortable and faster.

Buy pets. Pets are another source of entertainment. There are pets interacting with the environment or with each other. These are most popular.

Buy different achievements. There is no disgrace in doing that, you just pay and get achievement points. And also new line in the statistics tab.   

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