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Wow garrisons.

Garrison is your own fortress at Draenor in WoW. Here you can gather resources, hire allies and get ready to face the Iron Horde. Planning your garrison will help you to surround yourself with allies capable of fighting and crafting epic items.


Features of WoW garrison

  • It will help you to open the way to Ashran, where faction capital cities are situated.

  • Plays essential role for PvP players, because Ashran is a big outdoor PvP zone.

  • You can use garrison to gather resources.

  • Garrison missions help you get new gear.


Buildings in WoW

You will build 20 buildings at your teritory: 5 big, 10 small, 5 medium. The size of a building does not define its usability or power. These buildings allows you to get various bonuses and achievements. Also you can hire allies who willbring you gold, gear pieces and much more. Here you can build such buildings as:

  • Menagerie. This building will allow you to manage your battle pets.

  • Gladiator’s sanctum. This is a medium sized building, which is usefull for pvp players. You can use it to get pvp gear faster and open the way to Highmaul Colliseum. This quest is connected to some parts of following achievements: Warlord of draenor (horde), Warlord of draenor (alliance).

  • Mage’s tower: Big sized building which allows player to teleport to different parts of Draenor.


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