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What’s this mode about?

LFR WoW is a new raid’s flex mode; it was added in patch 5.4. It’s difficulty is somewhere between normal mode and looking for raid. This mode is available for teams consisting of 10 to 25 players. In other words if you have 12, 15 or 24 people for raid then your group will participate in this mode.

Profits and specifics

-         You gain more valor points than in normal mode.

-         Getting VP is pretty important for a character because it improves chances to get better items.

It’s important to note that VP’s cap is pretty high even skilled players should use LFR and flex raids. provides opportunities to complete one or four quarters of flex raid “Siege of Orgrimmar”. You need to select your server, class and faction and the most important share your account with our professionals.

We are glad to provide our professional services to all the customers who want complete and LFR or flex raids but don’t want to waste a lot of time for them. Our services are safe and sound. Our operators will process your request in 15 minutes and the service will be done in 24 hours. We guarantee account safety. All the loot for your class and spec is left to your account.