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Wow proving grounds - solo arena, designed to test players raiding skills. It allows players to train their ability to controll their class. The arena is situated in the temple of a white tiger. This is a new feature that allows player to get access to solo instance which you can complete any amount of times. Here one can test himself in a different roles without taking any risks.

First of all, you need to talk to your class master at Kung-Lai summit to get access to proving grounds. Once you get into the instance your gear will be scaled down like in challenge mode. There is a possibility that you will get extra help, but it depends on the role that you chose. You can fight your oponent face-to-face also.


What role should I choose?

You can choose among healer, tank and damage dealer, as in any dungeon. Then you have to choose one of the proving challenges, which are designed for a specific role.

  • Damage dealer: sometimes you have to face enemies alone. You will face enemies to defeat which you have to use your ability to interrupt spells, chase fleeing enemy, manage your cooldowns and debuffs, which affect your character.

  • Tank: you have to protect NPC from encoming waves of enemies. Your tank skills will be seriosly tested. But dont worry, your fellow NPC will help you with damage dealing and healing.

  • Healer: four npc’s will join you to form a whole party. You will ahve to show your ability to use healing spells to save lifes of your allies and to defeat incoming enemy.


Your own adventure.

WoW proving grounds has 4 modes: bronze, silver, gold and endless. You can test your skills in any role in any mode. But first, you have to complete each one before getting the access to next one. Right after gold mode completion you will get access to endless mode, where tension intensifies. You will face waves of enemies one after another with increasing difficulty. There more time you can survive, the more points you get, and your achievements will be tracked down and noted, so you will be able to check your skill. There is no limit to access proving grounds. Earn achievements and test your skills! Just one talk with NPC and you will get there. Do not worry about repairing your gear or death. You are allowed to use flasks and food, but no potions. You can get access to basic vendors at arena. company is gladly willing to help anyone in need to complete proving grounds. We guarantee account safety and fair prices. Place your order using our website and we will contact you within 15 minutes. Call us 8 (800) 333-23-75