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World bosses WoW

Most players are surprised when they knew that there are bosses in WoW situated outside of the instances. You can face some of them at the plains of Draenor. You can get nice amount of money and some great items from them. The only difference is that the raid of those who want to kill world boss can be of any size.


Additional information about some of the world bosses in WoW.

  • Drov The Ruiner - one of the three world bosses in WoD. You can find him in Gorgrond. It is pretty easy fight, which consists of only one phase, where you should fight the boss and adds which he summons.
  • Tarlna The Ageless - world boss that is situated in Gorgrond. The fight is pretty straightforward. You have to find the boss and 2 types of adds, most of the fight is focused on them.
  • Rukhmar - this boss is situated in Spires of Arak. Any player from 1 faction can get loot from this boss. It does not matter weather he  was in a raid group or not.
  • Sha of Anger - this outdoor-boss is situated in Kung-Lai summit. He spawns every 2-3 hours in one of the possible spots at the location.
  • Galleon - Cruel saurocks wander plains of pandaria, and the most deadly band is the band of Salis.
  • Lord Kazzak -  is located at the Throne of Kil'jaeden, a mountain on the northern edge of Hellfire Peninsula.


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