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Gathering professions game screenshot

Gathering professions

This includes:

Boosting Skill 1 to 800
Running the quest line before the raid content

Term of completion:  negotiable
Character requirements: level 110

There are a lot more cool stuff in Legion proffesions. You can see it in our catalog here.

Grades of professions in the WOW Legion
All recipes of the Legion have 3 levels (ranks):
Gathering professions have several bonus ranks for the collection of additional materials.
For crafting professions, higher grades allow you to create items more efficiently: for some recipes you reduce the amount of materials required for crafting, for others they increase the amount of items created.

Blood of Sargeras
This is a new subject, necessary for creating cool things in professions and increasing the level of subjects. Binds when picked up.

  • 2 pcs. Blood of Sargeras is needed to raise item level with the help of the Obliterum.

  • Players with collective professions of rank 2 are more likely to receive Blood of Sargeras while searching for flowers / digging veins / skins.

Other ways to get Blood of Sargeras:

Obliterum takes a major role in the professions of the Legion addition.
Annihilate is a new item that, in the World of Warcraft Legion addition, will allow players to raise the level of items to 5. The improvement can be applied several times - thus increasing the level of crafting items from 815 to 850.
Unnecessary items can be destroyed at a special furnace in Dalaran (The Obliterum) to get the Obliterum
The service includes the boosting of any crafting profession (the profession used to make items) from 1 to 800 skills.

Our site is ready to help with boosting of any profession. We will take over all the reagents, as well as daily tasks. We can work at a time convenient for you.
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Gathering professions game screenshotGathering professions game screenshotGathering professions game screenshot

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