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Boosting in Diablo 3

Like in others games there are different difficulty levels in Diablo 3. On the highest difficulty levels players can get rare items which cost a lot. That’s why boosting in Diablo 3 is usually separated on three parts:

Normal difficulty

In normal mode you can only get your character to level 30.

This part is pretty easy, because it’s pretty hard to die in this level and monsters are also easy to kill. This difficulty level is made for new players to allow them to get the hang of the game and choose their class. All the abilities of characters are opened till level 30, then players need to learn new runes to improve their skills and arts. There is no need to addle on how to build or to itemize your character – you can easily defeat any enemy on your path. However players need to pay attention that some items help your character to gain experience faster. That is why you can easily get level 30.

Nightmare difficulty

This difficulty allows your character to get level 50.

This level is more difficult than the normal one but if you use correct builds and itemization it should be easy.

Hell difficulty

This mode allows your character to get maximum level.

It’s pretty difficult to level your character fast on this mode. Any monster here can kill you. That’s why you need thoroughly build and itemize your character.

After you complete Hell you are able to choose other difficulty levels till Torment 10, where monsters’ HP is higher and your character’s resistance lower.

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