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About company

ABOUT US was founded in 2011 by the passionate players, in order to help people with ingame services, currency, game-consulting and pure fun.

We united best players, and those who are willing to get boosted in a one structure via our first website.

Our shop is a link beetween professional players and clients who are willing to get themselves to a new level.

At that time we just wanted to earn some money, by offering customers various services. The idea of big and serious website came much later.



Present time.


Now is:


  • One of the leading boosting website in such games as World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, Dota 2, CS:GO, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and other popular games.

  • One of the biggest gold seller.

  • More that 170k+ completed orders and happy customers from around the world who opened for themselves the world of boosting services.

  • Developed infrastructure with hundreds of professional teams and players capable of completing any orders.




Honesty, Responsibility, Efficiency - are our credo since forming our website in 2011 and we stick to it at the present day.


We treat our work seriously and we are always trying to achieve maximum result and make every customer happy. We have had both good and bad exampleas of our work, and bad ones made us change and improve our performance and brought us to the level when all processes and maintained in the best possible way.



About people:


We respect our employees not less than our valued customers. We are truly greatfull for everything you have done for our goal!

Currently our team consists of:

  • 6 operators at the website, who are willing to help any visitor with all the questions.
  • Hundreds of players from various games.
  • Dozens of guild and team who are capable to complete order of any difficulty.



Place in a history.


We were the first company and website in Russia, who started selling powerleveling in world of warcraft. Before us everybody provided services only via skype or other personal contacts. We introduced to the society the world of powerleveling, which was available only to those with connections before us. Basically, all curent services in Russia use our methods and features, which made boosting services effective and informative.



Our goals:


  • Create perfect and user-friendly website and structure for boosting services.
  • Create the easiest, most informative and effective instrument for everybody.
  • Create a place, where skilled and talented people can earn money by helping others.
  • Conquer european, american and asian markets of powerleveling.


Nowadays Store s.r.o.
Adress: Rybna 716/24, Stare Mesto, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Reg. Number (ID): 07103107
IBAN: LT96 3500 0100 1723 9667
"Paysera LT", UAB. Pilaitės pr. 16, LT-04352, Vilnius, Lithuania
Director: Irina Zemcugova