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-         Privacy. All the information about you and your orders is not available for third parties. Your data is protected by SSL encrypting and is not divulged.

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1.     StarCraft 2 coaching.

-         You want to improve your skills in the game, but you don’t have time for it? Order from 1 to 10 coaching hours and become a skilled player in the fascinating game.

-         You get your personal coach, who will teach you how to scout and also will share experience and strategic skills with you, which will allow you to defeat your enemies fast.

Coaching details:

1.     Mistakes’ analysis of current strategies in replays.

2.     Learning new tactics and strategies.

3.     Custom games.

4.     Mindset explanation during the game (what to do and why).  


2.     League boosting. There are 6 leagues in StarCraft 2: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. With you can buy a place in any of them. Our players are real professionals – Grandmaster players. They will boost you to the next league in 1-2 days! You will get high MMR and skill cap which allows you to complete more difficult missions faster and compete with other players from Master and Grandmaster leagues.


3.     Any achievements in HoS, WoL, LotVEpidemic, Evacuation, Safe Haven – you need to accomplish different missions. After completing any of them you receive achievement points. For some players collecting the points is the essence of the game. For others it is a way to prove their superiority. If you are stuck in completing a mission, it may be too difficult or don’t have free time for it is ready to help. You can order 3 or 5 driving hours or you can order completing the entire campaign (up to 48 hours) in StarCraft 2. Our employees can solve the most difficult tasks: boost a league or get a rare achievement in short terms!


Contact our operator to specify the details. We are online every day from 08:00 till 02:00 CET.



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