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Due to the frequent fraud cases, we ask you to pay attention that if you want work with us We DO NOT REQUIRE ANY CAUTION MONEY.


To suppliers:

We buy gold in many games.

Contact us via skype: dving-support  
Contact us via email: [email protected]


We are looking for partnership on Youtube or any owners of the thematic websites and persons interested to make a buisness!

  • We actively cooperate with YouTube channels, the thematic websites and social groups.
  • By now we are ready to pay for the incoming traffic, and a monthly fee on your resources (banners, links etc.)
  • In the nearest future there will be an interface of payment service provider, where the payment for the attracted traffic will be available.
  • Contact the operator to get the affiliate link.

We are always looking for:

  • In-game currency suppliers. (regular ones)
  • Active and talented players, who achieved a lot in their game.
  • Talented raid leaders and team organisers.
  • People, who want to earn money from their ideas but do not have famous and trustfull partner.

We guarantee:

  • Availability of work.
  • Payment in time using webmoney, paypal,, QIWI web services.
  • Payment depends on service provided.

If you want to work with us you have to send an application letter.

  • Decide which possition to you want to apply.
  • Fill in the form (lower)
  • Send your application letter to j[email protected] with “Applying for position in (state the game)”. Applications sent to skype won't be considered.
  • Your application will be seen within 14 days.


Application form:

  • Your name + nickname
  • Game
  • Your achievements and what can you do in game.
  • What can you offer us.
  • Skype, phone number, email, etc.
  • For media applicants - your expirience in the field with examples

Applications that are not filled with the form won't be considered.

If you didn't get a feedback of your application:

  1. Application letter was not filled with the form
  2. You don't approach under the specified requirements. 
  3. The application has been sent not to the [email protected] 

Working in games. Infrmation is viable both for single drivers (single-player order) and guild\groups of people who work in team.


Requirements for all applicants:

  • skype and contact phone.
  • 18+ y.o. Exceptions available in extreme cases.
  • Stable connection. Being available to reach.
  • Being trustfull.


PUBG positions:

  • Your ladder rating must be 100+
  • High KDA and wintrate from 30% (top-1) to 60% (top-10)

World of Warcraft positions:

  • Gold suppliers.
  • Guilds and statics who finished Higmaul and blackrock foundry and are willing to increase their income.
  • Raid leaders and people who are able to organise people for massive achievements.
  • Arena players who are able to boost arena rating up to 2200 / 2400 / 2650 / Gladiator etc.
  • RBG raids, who are able to boost RBG rating up to 2200/2400/2650 “Hero of the …” etc.
  • Solo drivers: powerleveling, achievements, quests.
  • Any unique service which is not listed.

World of Tanks positions:

  • Best players. You can get your statistics from here.
  • Armor rating 12.000+
  • Average damage at 10th levels should be 3k+ (drums 3.5k+)
  • Average winrate shound be 65%+ and winrate using 10th level tanks als 65%+. 18+ y.o.

Dota 2 positions:

  • 5500 and above solo mmr players
  • 5500 and above team mmr players
  • Professional 6000+ mmr coaches who are able to efficiently transfer their knowledge to another person.
  • Ablity to calibrate accounts with highest possible outcome.


Overwatch positions:

  • Players that have 3500+ MMR
  • High expirience to play placements with maximum result.


HS positions:

  • Legend rank for at least a past monthes.
  • Players with an expirience of boosting the Legend rank.
  • Coachers that can teach well and bring all the information that must be obtained by the player.

Counter strike GO positions:

  • Legendary eagle rank and above
  • Ability and expirience in boosting another people to The Global Elite rank.
  • Ablity to calibrate accounts with highest possible outcome.

League of Legends positions:

  • Players,who are able to boost account up to Diamond 1.
  • Dimon Division coaches who are able to efficiently transfer their knowledge to another person.
  • Players who are able to grind IP points.

Starcraft 2 positions.

  • Grand Master league players with expirience in boosting services.
  • Grand Master league coaches, who are able to efficiently transfer their knowledge to another person.

Heroes of the Storm:

  • Players with Diamond rank and expirience of boosting accounts to Platinum+ rank.
  • Players that can do ingame events or achievements.