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Referal system

Referal System Description


You can get stable income from links and banners, which leads to purchasing items from our website. You can use any payment system to withdraw your money.

Our system marks cookies of all people who used your referal link to come to our website.

Customer, who came to our site using your link will be marked for 6 months and this term is extended whenever he opens our site from any computer or browser. This continues with every new purchase or visiting the dving,, or other sites from every PC or browser. You can have more info about cookies from this page


We are always happy to work with website and gaming resources, and we are ready to purchase both one-time and constant advertisement for flexible terms.

Currently we work with such resources as:,,,, and other media. Also, we work with many others including famous streamers and players.



Terms and conditions:


  • You get 10% of an amount which customer payed using your link.
  • You can withdraw your funds to paypal, visa, webmoney, qiwi,, by contacting our operator.
  • Funds withdrawl is processed within 1-3 days
  • Referal system does not supports keys and time-cards.
  • You may have unlimited amount of links and banners to administrate.
  • You may place your links and banners at any legal resources.



Who can use this system?

  • Webistes and portals, especially using banners.
  • Youtubers with their own channels who provide interesting content.
  • streamers
  • Any player who recommends our website to his friends.



How do I start?

  • Contact us via [email protected] and tell us about the desire to work and the desired experience of cooperation.


If you have any questions regarding links or banners placing at your website please contact us via [email protected]