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Completion time: 1 - 2 days.
Requirements for account: 20 level account.
Why us:
  • More than 8 years we provide ingame services 
  • We have over 300 boosters.
  • We assume orders immediately.
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The service includes:
  • 10 ranked matches to determine your initial MMR.
  • Result: from 2500 to 3500 solo MMR.
Calibration results depend the following statistcs of your account during leveling 1-50 lvl:
  • How many games out of 10 were won.
  • Indicator WR - win rate, or win percentage % for your account. The higher the score - the better. It is determined as the ratio of winning games to the total number of games on the account. It is desirable to keep the percentage at around 50% and above.
  • KDA index or K / D / A (Kill / Deaths / Assists). Shows how efficiently you are playing each character. 
All these factors affect your mmr.
You can check your current statistics here: Dotabuff - just log in and take a look. service helps you with calibration- oure professional players with 6000+ mmr will play calibration games for you with highest KDA and winrate possible.
  • Common security guarantees
  • Please enable "Family sharing" option in steam settings. 
  • How to Install option in Steam see here.
  • Our player will not be able to use  trade, sell items, or change email and password.
For all questions related to calibration account contact our operators in the bottom right corner.


Only top players! The best of the best! We work only with the most reliable professionals at the market!


The most safe service at the market. We are time-verified official company with thousands of customer reviews!

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See also company is ready to help you to calibrate your dota 2 account. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with 5500+ mmr, very high skill, kda rating and winrate. They are willing to help you in getting your starting mmr. The higher your account statistic, the more chances of getting high mmr.


Important information about dota 2 calibration.

Once you achive 13 level of your account you will be given an opportunity to play 10 rated games which will influence your starting mmr. It may vary from 1000 to 4500. If you want to get the highest result you have to consider such factors:

  • KDA - Kills+Assits \ Death rating
  • Skillbracket - your skill level according to
  • Winrate - Wins \ loses.

The higher this stats are the higher mmr you get.


Advantages of buying mmr at

  • Fast order processing. It will take 3-60 minutes to process you order and then our manager will contact you.
  • Confidential service. You data is protected by ssl security protocol and is never disclosed to third party.
  • 2500-4500 mmr guaranteed
  • You can purchase boosting new account 1-13 lvl + calibration with very high kda, winrate and skillbracket.