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ELO boost League of Legends

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League of legends - is an dynamic competitive multiplayer game, that combines speed and depth of MOBA games. Two teams of great champions, that have unique champion model and a playstyle are fight on different arenas and in different game modes. Accrescent champions list, regular updates, world championships — all this can be found in League of Legends! You can play this game for eternity.

Face to face fight
Be ready! To smash the opponents in small or big fights 5 vs 5, you will need a strategic vision, lightning reflexes and team play skills.

Develop a strategy, develop yourself
The game is constantly updated, maps and game modes are added, and a lot of new champions enter the League. In this game you are limited only by your own imagination.

Fight with honor
Play honestly, and you will receive from a special reward your teammates for the behavior worthy of a true athlete.

Enter into the esports world
League of Legends - is the most active platform for competitions in the world. In the framework of the game there are many world tournaments, including a prestigious championship, where professional players are fighting for million prizes.

The world's largest network gaming community
Join the world's largest gaming community: make friends, gather teams, fight tens of millions of rivals around the world, and then share strategies on reddit, YouTube and gaming forums!

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