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🕓 Term of completion: negotiated.   You can order any number of contracts and also any number of special bounty steps.  Contact an operator to specfy price and terms   💡 What rewards you will get

Gambit and Gambit Prime services

Help with Drifter's activities.


Glory Rank Points

Requirements: Account share

Reckoner Seal (GRANTS TITLE: Reckoner)

TITLE: Reckoner

Gambit Seal (GRANTS TITLE: Dredgen)


Gambit Prime sets - tier 3 (maximum)

We'll help you with any Gambit Prime tier 3 set


The Recluse Pinnacle Crucible Submachine Gun

🕓 Term of completion: 3 days.

The Mountaintop

🕓 Term of completion: 1-2 вфны

Redrix's Broadsword

🕓 Term of completion: 14 days.

Luna's Howl Revolver

🕓 Term of completion: 2 - 3 days.

% Off

Not Forgotten

🕓 Term of completion: 5-12 days

Bad omens

🕓 Term of completion: 1-3 days.   💡 Service includes: * Fulfillment of all conditions for obtaining "Bad omens". * You will receive a lot of loot during procession of the order. * Tons of

The Hush Pinnacle

🕓 Term of completion: negotiated

21% Delirium rapid-fire Machine gun

🕓 Term of completion: 3 days.

Trust Hand Cannon (15K Gambit Points)

🕓 Term of completion: 7 days


🕓 Term of completion: 1 day.

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