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Update 7.3

Artifact power farming Updated in 7.2 game screenshot
Artifact power farming Updated in 7.2

Upgrade your weapon!

Flying in Legion game screenshot
Flying in Legion

Broken Isles Flying

The Deaths of Chromie game screenshot
The Deaths of Chromie

Scenery competition

Legion campaign in 7.2 game screenshot
Legion campaign in 7.2

Access to a unique class mount

Riddler's Mind-Worm game screenshot
Riddler's Mind-Worm

Mount from update 7.2

Campaign in the Argus 7.3 game screenshot
Campaign in the Argus 7.3

Continuation of the Legion plot campaign, that came out in the update 7.3

Paragon Reputation game screenshot
Paragon Reputation

Farm 10000 reputation for one fraction.

Army of the Light and Argussian Reach game screenshot
Army of the Light and Argussian Reach

Farm a reputation to Exalting with a selected faction.

Armies of Legionfall game screenshot
Armies of Legionfall

Exalted reputation with Armies of Legionfall.

Demonslayer game screenshot

And We're All Out of Mana Buns...

Lucid Nightmare game screenshot
Lucid Nightmare

When riding this mount, your thoughts often wander to far-off places.

Veiled Argunite game screenshot
Veiled Argunite

This dull-colored crystal is highly valued by ethereal traders, especially Thaumaturge Vashreen aboard the Vindicaar.

Bleakhoof Ruinstrider game screenshot
Bleakhoof Ruinstrider

The Army of the Light could only save so many of Argus' native species - countless numbers were lost to chaos.

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