Artifact power farming Updated in 7.2

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Artifact power farming Updated in 7.2

This includes:

Term of completion - from 10 hours.
Requirements - level 110.

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You receive:

  • Non-stop farming for AP.
  • Artifact Power  is multiplied by your Artifact Knowledge level, as much level you have as much AP you will get. 
  • A significant increase in the capabilities of your character, including hidden buffs to the character.
  • Artifact weapons can be used everywhere and without restrictions.

What is Artifact Power?

  • It is one of the most important innovations of Legion expansion.
  • Artifact power is needed for artifact weapon leveling - watch Artifact power calculator
  • Every level increases your survivability/damage/healing.
  • The more is artifact knowled level - the more power you can gain for the same time.
  • WIth artifact power you will also gain reputation, blood of Sargeras and high level items!

Learn more about Artifact Weapons >>>here<<<

Ask operator if you have any questions.

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